About MaryAnn Velardi, Certified Derma Technician, Diplomat and Instructor

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MaryAnn Velardi, Certified Derma Technician

When considering a permanent makeup technician, a client would normally consider the following: experience, past results, sanitary working environment, professional capability and an artistic flair would most certainly help!

MaryAnn has been practicing permanent and reconstructive makeup for over a decade, leaving a gratifying mark on numerous patients. Because of her artistic abilities with a background of art principles and color mixology, she has an eye for symmetry and colors that fit the seasonal tones for each individual patient. She is always working towards the most natural effect possible. In addition, she takes advantage of her acquired skills from the beauty business, using them to enhance the clients' features and improve upon his or her looks. With Ms. Velardi's background in biology and interest in medicine, the plastic surgeons she works with feel comfortable in collaborating with her especially on reconstructive and corrective cases.

In preparation for each procedure, MaryAnn works closely with each patient to achieve the look he or she desires. The permanent makeup procedure is done in a comfortable, sterile environment.

Ms. Velardi is well aware that the patient represents a reflection of her skills and talent; therefore, the patient will leave the office with a beautiful lasting impression.